10 Manfaat Jahe, Gak Cuman Menghangatkan Badan Aja

Ginger is one of the kitchen ingredients that should not be removed from cooking ingredients. Mixed with seafood, toppings for salads and even smoothies, ginger can provide a unique taste.

Ginger contains ingredients that can create a strong taste. Especially if you use fresh ginger.

In addition to its unique taste, this type of spice can also warm the body, especially when the rainy season arrives.

No wonder the STMJ shop is selling well because ginger can give that warm feeling. Not only warming, it turns out that ginger also has other unimaginable benefits, you know.

Useful for removing cellulite and even good for the brain. Not only that, there are other benefits of ginger that you should know.

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1. To prevent new cellulite from forming, rub ginger to warm the skin and promote blood circulation

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2. For those of you who are pregnant or seasick, how to get rid of nausea can mix it into tea or chew it directly

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3. A mixture of shea butter, avocado oil, patchouli essential oil, ginger essential oil and lemon essential oil, can be a nail strengthening mask

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4. The high content of ascorbic acid, zinc, calcium, iodine, vitamins A and B, natural antibiotics, and antimycotics can strengthen the immune system

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5. Juice of ginger, turmeric, lemon, honey and water can reduce pain and can overcome inflammation

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6. Can stimulate brain work and fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and slow down the aging process

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7. It is believed to be able to lose weight because there are elements of ‘burners’ and can launch metabolism and reduce appetite

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8. To make skin glow, you can make a mask by mixing grated ginger, honey, and lemon juice

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9. Inflammation and redness of the pimple can slowly disappear by applying a mixture of ginger and apple cider vinegar

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10. A mixture of grated ginger and jojoba oil can help strengthen hair so it doesn’t fall out easily

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By knowing the benefits, don’t hesitate to use it regularly. Although a little spicy, but the benefits are worth feeling.

But you have to be careful in using it because not everyone is suitable for consuming ginger.