10 Makanan Anti-Aging yang Bisa Bikin Wajah Muda Terus

Every human being must feel the aging process at a certain age. Where one of the characteristics is the skin that begins to change shape is not as tight as when it was young.

Starting from the emergence of wrinkles to various other signs of aging that can be seen on the skin.

To overcome this, many people are vying to find a way to overcome it. Some do surgery, use skincare to change a healthy lifestyle so that the skin remains glowing.

But if you want something natural, there is also a way to eat anti-aging foods.

Like some of these foods, which are said to contain anti-aging ingredients. Skin remains young and glowing even though the aging process still occurs.

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1. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that can make skin supple and glowing, and can get rid of acne

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2. Healthy fats in avocados can increase elasticity, while carotenoids protect from the sun

10 Anti-Aging Foods That Can Keep Your Face Young

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3. The content of polyphenols and catechins – antioxidants from green tea can protect from the sun and fight inflammation

10 Anti-Aging Foods That Can Keep Your Face Young

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4. Yogurt and kefir can help with irritation and acne. Can also rejuvenate by applying it

10 Anti-Aging Foods That Can Keep Your Face Young

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5. Not only good for the body, honey can also treat acne and moisturize dry skin

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6. The high water content in oranges helps hydrate the skin, while vitamin C is a good antioxidant

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7. While the carotenoid content in tomatoes can prevent wrinkles and protect from the sun

These 5 Fruits Make Skin Smooth, Healthy and Acne Free!

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8. Spinach and kale contain ingredients that are skin favorites, namely vitamins A, C and E. These ingredients can moisturize, free from wrinkles and blemishes



9. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties so it is very good for calming redness and getting rid of acne


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10. Wheat contains manganese and minerals, this content makes it elastic. Sleain can fight free radicals too


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Who doesn’t want to look glowing all the time? By eating these foods, the aging process seems to stop because of the anti-aging content in these foods.