10 Macam Fobia yang Tidak Biasa dan Sulit Dipercaya

It is natural for a person to have a fear of something. But it becomes a nuisance if the fear causes excessive anxiety.

This of course can interfere with or limit daily activities. The fear to excessive anxiety is known as a phobia.

A phobia can be defined as an excessive fear of something that is usually harmless. But for the sufferer, it can cause discomfort.

Phobias can occur to animals, objects to a situation though. Uniquely, there are also types of phobias that are considered unusual.

Some of these unbelievable phobias are even hard to believe. Some people have a phobia of sleep or long writing. Apart from that, there are also other unusual phobias.

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1. Somniphobia or fear of sleeping is usually caused by night terrors, sleep paralysis or sleepwalking

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2. Arachibutyrophobia is not only afraid of peanut butter, this patient also often doesn’t like food that sticks in the mouth

10 Weird Phobias, Hard to Believe

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3. Generally experienced by adults approaching old age, cyberphobia is the fear of the latest technological developments

10 Weird Phobias, Hard to Believe

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4. Lack of self-esteem is the main basis of Decidophobia, the fear of making decisions. Even just eat what

10 Weird Phobias, Hard to Believe

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5. There are some people who are afraid of certain vegetables, where this excessive fear is called lachanophobia

10 Weird Phobias, Hard to Believe

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6. It’s time to stop laughing at children when they misread. Because it can cause fear of long sentences or Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

10 Weird Phobias, Hard to Believe

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7. There are people who are irrationally afraid of being in the same room with children or known as pedophobia

10 Weird Phobias, Hard to Believe

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8. Fear of marriage or gamophobia can arise due to excessive anxiety. Mainly to commit to a partner

10 Weird Phobias, Hard to Believe

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9. Not only don’t like it, people who are Turophobia don’t like cheese even if they just look at it

10 Weird Phobias, Hard to Believe

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10. The fear of hands or chirophobia can occur to one’s own hands or others. The reason could be due to trauma

10 Weird Phobias, Hard to Believe

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Fear is human, but too much can interfere with activities. If you experience it, it’s better to get it treated right away.