10 Gerakan Yoga Mata yang Ampuh Mengatasi Mata Lelah

Eyes sore, watery to tense tend to be felt by almost everyone. It becomes a code because the eyes get tired of the activity.

Imagine, how much time do you spend staring at a computer screen, television and even? WL?

In fact, the eyes are the same as other organs of the body. Therefore, it is important for us to pay more attention to this vital organ. Because if it continues to be ignored, a variety of problems can affect eye health.

Actually, there are many ways that can be done to treat the eyes. Do eye yoga for example. Just so you know, eye yoga can stimulate the muscles around the eyeball, you know! This step helps you in flexing both eyeballs.

So, what movements are recommended in doing eye yoga? How do you do that? Check out the following reviews.

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1. As a warm-up, close your eyes for 30 – 60 seconds

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Before doing so, you are advised to take a comfortable sitting position. But keep in mind, your body and shoulders should not be in a stooped state.

In addition, you also have to relax, so get rid of thoughts that can interfere.

If you are in a calm position, close your eyes and breathe regularly. Do it for 30-60 minutes, then feel the blood flow in the eye area.

2. Practice focusing your eyes

10 Effective Eye Yoga Movements to Overcome Tired Eyes.  Anything?

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Staring at gadgets for too long makes your vision blurry. In fact, at some times the view tends to dim.

To overcome this, try to take any object that can be used as an object. Then, put the object right in front of your eyes.

If so, stare at the object for about 5 – 10 seconds. Repeat this movement four times. The goal is to help the eye muscles become more flexible.

3. Practice fast blinking

10 Effective Eye Yoga Movements to Overcome Tired Eyes.  Anything?

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In addition to cleaning both eyeballs, blinking quickly also helps to moisturize the eyes. This is because dry eyes can cause soreness and itching.

The trick is to blink a few times quickly. After that, close your eyes for 20 seconds while breathing regularly. To crave healthy eyes, do this method at least three times a week.

4. Move the eyeball up and down

10 Effective Eye Yoga Movements to Overcome Tired Eyes.  Anything?

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It is undeniable, when doing something the eyes get tired more easily. To work around this, try moving your eyes up and down for at least five seconds.

First of all, move the eyeball up as much as possible. Then, let it sit for five minutes. If you have, move the eyeball down and let it rest for five seconds as well.

So that the benefits can be felt, do this method for five times. Then, finish by closing your eyes for about five seconds.

Guaranteed! Gradually your vision is much better because the eye muscles have flexed again.

5. Increase muscle capacity by moving the eyeball to the right up and down the left

10 Effective Eye Yoga Movements to Overcome Tired Eyes.  Anything?

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In addition to regularly consuming vitamin A, you also need to do yoga to train your eye muscles. The method is also easy.

First, move your eyes to a right angle and hold for three seconds. After that, move your eyes towards the bottom left and hold for three seconds.

When you’re done, end the yoga by closing your eyes for five seconds. Don’t forget to do this method at least four times a day, OK?

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6. Stiff eye muscles? Do the stretch by moving the eyeball to the left up and right down

10 Effective Eye Yoga Movements to Overcome Tired Eyes.  Anything?

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You can do this method when you are relaxing. The method simple! you just need to move the eyeball to the top left side for three seconds. Then do the same thing towards the bottom right.

Same as above method. This movement needs to be repeated at least four times a day. Guaranteed! Both eyeballs will feel more flexible and lighter.

7. Do a circular motion

10 Effective Eye Yoga Movements to Overcome Tired Eyes.  Anything?

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Not just hands or feet. Both eyeballs should also be moved in all directions in a circular motion. Look up, right, down, left and back to the original position.

This movement should be done five times. After that, do not forget to close your eyes so that both eyeballs remain relaxed.

Who would have thought, if routinely done vision will be clearer. Don’t forget to try, OK!

8. Pamper your eyes with a warm compress

10 Powerful Things to Overcome Tired Eyes.  Anything?

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Actually, there is a simple way to do this method. You only need to rub your palms until they feel hot. After that, place your palms towards your closed eyes.

Feel the warm sensation that makes you comfortable. Do this method before bed to relax the eye muscles. Shhh, this method also helps to sleep faster, you know! suitable for those of you who have insomnia.

9. Massaging the eyelid area

10 Powerful Things to Overcome Tired Eyes.  Anything?

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It is common knowledge, massage is one method to relieve pressure. The reason is, massage can stimulate increased blood flow, so it is effective in overcoming tension.

To treat tired eyes, start massaging your eyelids using three fingers. Repeat the movement so that the eyelids are pampered.

10. Take time to rest

10 Powerful Things to Overcome Tired Eyes.  Anything?

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Indeed, work requires you to stare at a computer or laptop screen. However, if you do it continuously, it will make your eyes tired.

In order to maintain eye health, you should set aside time to rest. The trick, can use the 20:20:20 method.

That is, every 20 minutes take your eyes off the computer screen and focus on an object 20 feet away or about six meters. Do this method for 20 seconds.

Those are some eye yoga movements that you can do anywhere. Let’s take care of eye health together. Good luck!