10 Campuran Bahan Alami yang Bisa Jadi Masker Wajah

The key to a shiny and glowing face is to take care to keep your face healthy.

In addition to cleaning your face regularly, don’t forget to provide special facial treatments as a support.

Where the treatment that can be done is to wear a mask regularly either at the salon or at home.

But if you don’t want to bother going out of the house, you can just use a mask at home. You can use a ready-made mask or a natural one.

For natural ingredients, you can make your own at home, you can do this by using ingredients that are not difficult to get.

When else can make skin healthy, glowing and shiny with a mixture of natural ingredients. Your skin will definitely look dazzlingly fresh after using it.

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1. To revitalize moisture and get a smooth texture, try combining coffee and milk as an anti-aging formula

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2. It’s no secret that green tea has various properties, one of which is to restore skin elasticity

10 Mixtures of Natural Ingredients That Can Be Face Masks

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3. Not only delicious and healthy to eat, oranges can also provide moisture to facial skin

10 Mixtures of Natural Ingredients That Can Be Face Masks

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4. Yogurt can also be used as an ingredient to smooth and moisturize the skin

10 Mixtures of Natural Ingredients That Can Be Face Masks

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5. As for scars and acne, you can use a combination of banana, lemon juice, and baking soda

10 Mixtures of Natural Ingredients That Can Be Face Masks

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6. When you try it, you will definitely drool too because the combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate can pamper yourself

10 Mixed Natural Ingredients That Can Be Face Masks


7. If you are interested in shrinking your pores, you can use egg whites as a face mask

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8. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, while lemon brightens the skin. Mix it with honey and make sure it’s the right amount

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9. A mixture of avocado, ripe banana, and olive oil can actually clean pores, soothe redness, and absorb excess oil

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10. Can also use honey and coconut oil to clean pores easily

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A mixture of natural ingredients is the best ingredient for making masks for the face. This material can make the face healthier so that it looks droopy and glowing.

Make sure to make it with the right dosage according to the instructions on the internet.